Wireless earbuds used to be good for only one thing: a lack of wires. Traditional headphones were better at pretty much everything else. With advancing technology, wireless earbuds have become true competitors.

When choosing a pair of wireless earbuds, you’re bound to have some of the same concerns you’d have with traditional headphones. There are countless features to compare and discuss. Let’s talk about five of the biggest features that concern buyers.


With wireless earbuds, you might have to pay a premium. The technology is more advanced than traditional headphone tech. You’re unlikely to find a decent pair at the same low prices you’ll see with some standard headphones.

However, though many are priced in the hundreds of dollars, some top-rated earbuds can be found on sale for as little as $50. You might be able to snag a deal.


Comfort and fit are two of the most important features of wireless earbuds. After all, if they fall out or hurt your ears, none of the other features matter.

In this area, reading customer reviews can shine. No brand is ever going to advertise their earbuds by saying, “Eighty percent of people find them horribly uncomfortable!” You can only get that information from reviews by real people.

Sound Quality

Sound quality and wireless earbuds? Skepticism abounds.

With the state of technology today, top-notch sound doesn’t need to be found through wires. Wireless earbuds can offer a rich, full-featured experience.

The highest class of sound quality will often be found at the highest price points. Fortunately, though, decent sound can still be found at reasonable prices. Don’t go straight for the most expensive pair expecting the best sound.

If you’re imagining inferior sound quality compared to traditional headphones, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Noise Cancellation

Proper noise cancellation is one of the primary features many people look for in headphones. Unfortunately, it’s uncommon in wireless earbuds. On the bright side, there are still some good options. As the technology matures, noise cancellation will undoubtedly become more common.

Even when wireless earbuds do have noise cancellation, traditional headphones still tend to do it better. If you’re looking to block out external noise, you’ll need to choose your wireless earbuds carefully.

Battery Life

Battery life is vital.

Some earbuds can only go for a few hours, while others work all day. The charging cases also have a wide range, with some keeping a charge for up to 70 hours. If you compare battery life to price options, you’ll notice that the two aren’t completely correlated.


Wireless earbuds match the quality of traditional headphones in almost every area. If traditional headphone wires get in your way, wireless earbuds will remove friction from your life. Imagine a world in which you never have to untangle headphone cords ever again. Wireless earbuds are worth the investment.