Buying a new TV can be stressful, especially if it is your first time to shop for a TV set. This is because modern technology has led to the innovation of unique television sets that come with advanced features. The televisions also come with evolved screens in addition to smart features such as wireless and voice command features.

With the many features that you are likely to find in a TV, it is important to know the features that you need most in a TV set. This way, you will not only buy a TV set that suit you but also get the best deal possible.

Factors you need to consider when purchasing a TV set


When buying a TV set, it is important to set a budget first. This way, you will find a set that comes packed with impressive features while still being affordable. Different television sets are priced differently depending on the type of screen, the size of the screen, and its resolution, among other included features.

Warranty of the product

To be on the safe side, purchase your new television from an authorized dealer. This will ensure that you get a warranty from the manufacturer. Other dealers that sell second hand TVs may not provide you will a warranty. A warranty assures you of compensation if the television fails to meet its performance expectations.

Screen size

How huge would you want the television set to be? For most people, the size of a television set depends on whether one is buying it for the workplace or home. If the purpose is in-house advertising for your business, you should probably get a huge screen for the digital signage to be effective. If the work environment is an office, reception, or hospital, you can save on costs by opting for a smaller screen since its purpose is just to entertain.

Screen resolution

Different television screens have a different screen resolution. This is the number of pixels on the screen. The higher the number of TV pixels, the clearer, sharper, and brighter the image is. If one of the reasons motivating you to get a new TV is desire for high clarity images, then you should go for a TV with a high screen resolution.


Unfortunately, the brand new TV set that you are about to purchase will not last forever. All electric gadgets become faulty after some time. As such, buy a TV set that has a long lifespan. Generally, a TV lasts for about five to seven years.

Now that you know what to look for, how will you ensure that you get the best deal?

Visit stores physically

While some of the best deals are available online, this is not always the case. By visiting stores personally, you get access to more TV models to select. When you visit a retail store, you also get the chance to negotiate unlike in online stores where the prices are often non-negotiable.

Compare prices

Before deciding to buy a particular TV, make sure you compare its price to other TV sets with the same specifications. This is because televisions may have exactly the same specifications but different prices because of the brand name.

Check out several retail stores

The best move to ensure you get a great deal is to visit other retail stores, compare their deals, and check out available discounts. Your favorite electronics retailer may be selling a TV set at a high price while its competitor might be selling the exact TV on discount. It is always better to visit more than one store to know the options that you have. You could end up saving a lot of money.

Do your research

Doing research will be very helpful because you may stumble upon critical information that may come in handy when purchasing a new TV. A simple market research will also let you know the latest brands in the market, the deals, and promotions available. You might also find out that the TV screen you were planning to buy has been replaced by fresh new brands that are more advanced and efficient.