Picture this-a good friend or a family member has just bought a new house and you want to get them a nice gift, but aren’t sure where to start. Not only do you want to get them something that’s with the times, but you also want to make sure you get something they’ll actually use. To help you have an easier time buying a gift, we’ve put together a list of 10 high tech gift ideas for new homeowners. Let’s dive in and get started!

Ring Doorbell

For a new homeowner, a Ring doorbell can give them peace of mind and make them feel safe. Once installed, they can connect their phone to the doorbell and have updates in real-time. When someone pushes the bell, not only will the phone start emitting a notification sound, but the person can be seen through the camera. It also has two-way talk, which means they’ll be able to talk to the person outside without ever getting close to them. There’s also the added benefit of the doorbell going off when it senses motion, which can be very helpful if there’s someone creeping around the house.

Smart Speaker

Another great gift for new homeowners is a smart speaker. These types of speakers can be controlled by voice and come pre-loaded with a virtual assistant. The homeowner can use voice commands to get various pieces of information, such as the weather, a to-do list, and any important events for the day. In addition, the homeowner can connect the speaker to other smart devices in their home and control everything at once. Since there are so many options available, make sure you do your research and choose the one that would fit the needs of the homeowner the best.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can be used with a smart speaker or smartphone and can be set up quite easily. Different smart thermostats will have different features, but there are a few that are the same with all of them. Once the homeowner connects their phone or speaker to the thermostat, they can change the temperature from anywhere. This is especially helpful for those that live in areas with unpredictable weather. They can set their thermostat to the desired temperature and come home to a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Smart Lights

Another great high tech gift for homeowners are smart lights. There are a few different options with these products. The first are the ones that come with a separate remote that can be used within a certain amount of feet. Another option is one that hooks up to your phone. These make it so you can turn your lights on or off regardless of where you are. The final type can be hooked up to a smart speaker. All the homeowner needs to do is say the hot words to turn the lights off or on!

Smart Locks

While they are just starting to gain traction and popularity, smart locks make great gifts for new homeowners. These locks are usually quite safe and have safety measures in place to decrease the chances of hacking or breaking in. The homeowner will sync the locks to their smartphone or smart speaker and setup account details. Once everything is up and running, they can go into the app or say the hot words to lock or unlock the doors. This is great for those that arrive home with a lot of stuff and can’t really get to their keys.

Tile Key Fob

Getting a Tile Key Fob for a new homeowner can not only help them find stuff, but it can also help them keep their sanity. You can choose to gift just 1 key fob or you can gift multiple. Basically, the homeowner will put the fob on things that get lost easily, such as keys, wallets, or phones. After placing the fob, the user can make an alarm go off anytime they lose one of these items. The alarm is loud and keeps going until the item is found.

Smart Pet Feeder

If the new homeowner you’re buying for has pets, then this is a fantastic gift. This is especially true if the person is away for most of the day. These types of feeders are completely programmable, which means the pet owner can limit the amount of food their pets get and ensure that they don’t run out while they are gone. Some of these have awesome features, like personal messages to your pet or built-in water bottles. You can either set the feeder to release on a timer or you can go into the app and manually release the feeder.

Bluetooth Grill Thermometer

This gift is great for those that love grilling out. Many people will just cook the meat until it’s done, but others want to ensure it’s at a certain temperature. With a Bluetooth grill thermometer, the user can hook up the product to their phone and get a temperature reading in seconds. There are many different brands, colors, and sizes, so make sure you know the preferences of the new homeowner before purchasing anything.


While this gift is more expensive than most of the items on this list, it’s a purchase that should last for years. With this electronic, the user will be able to set the days and times they want their lawn mowed. There’ll be a designated charging area, so you need to make sure the homeowner will have an area where the LawnBott can enter the yard. In addition, the user can set the pattern or route the bot takes, which means they’ll have the lawn they want with minimal effort.

Charging Station

One final piece of technology that would make a great gift for a new homeowner is a charging station. These usually plug into the wall and you can charge multiple electronics at one time. Some of these are basic, while others have a lot of customization features, like automatically disconnecting electronics when they are done charging. You’ll want to consider the homeowner’s needs and get the charging station that will benefit them the most. Take into consideration how many electronics they need to charge and how often they charge them.

Even if you don’t purchase any of the items on this list, it should give you a good idea of some of the things you can buy. It’s important to get something that goes with the new homeowner’s style, as well as finding a product they’ll regularly use. If you still aren’t sure where to start, reach out to the homeowner and see what kinds of things they would like. Once you have that information, you can shop and find the best gift you can.