Are you tired of people breaking into your home and stealing your valuables? Do you suspect that someone has been watching your home with ill motives? If you do, take control of the situation today by purchasing electronic devices and gadgets that will boost the security of your home.

Thanks to technology, you can use different types of security gadgets to scare uninvited intruders and burglars away. Most burglars will likely break into your home when you are not round. These devices will not only scare away the burglars but also alert you if there is any suspicious movement within your home or in the compound.

They include:

Web security cameras

They are very small and not easily detected. They are smart security tools that you can install at strategic points in your home. The best thing about web security cameras is that they have face recognition technology. The best place to set them is near the doorway so that they can scan the face of the intruders. These devices also have sensors that you can connect to your smart phone. The sensors will alert you when anyone opens the doors, windows, or gate of your home when you are not around.

Wireless blind spots cameras

These gadgets are the best because you place them outdoors. Most burglars will break into your home through blind spots. This means that they will most likely not use the front door or the gate. The wireless blind spots cameras will monitor the areas of your home and compound that are overlooked. They use batteries that can last up to six months.

What’s more, they have good resolution and will shoot quality pictures even at night due to their infrared night vision. The cameras also have motion detectors that will sense any funny movements.

Ring lights

These gadgets are unique because though they may not record any video, they detect motion and turn on the lights, thus scaring the burglars away. Most burglars will run off when they see that the lights are on. When the doorbell rings, the ring lights will automatically switch the lights on, giving the impression that you are home. The ring lights can also detect motion near your home and turn the lights on. The burglars will assume that you have done so, and run away.

The ring lights also learn your lighting schedules and will switch on the lights at the specific time, even when you are not around. This will give the impression that you are home.


This device has a built in alarm that will scare away burglars when it goes off. You can fix it next to the door and set a unique key or code, which you will enter each time the door opens. You must memorize the code because if you forget it and try to gain access to your home, the alarm will go off and the security company will respond to it as they would if it was triggered by a burglar.

Fake security cameras

This may shock you but using fake security cameras may still be effective in scaring away thieves. The best part is that they are cheaper than most security gadgets are. The fake security cameras will appear as though they are recording movement in your compound and intimidate any person with ill motives.

Barking dog alarm

This creative security gadget will instantly scare thieves away when triggered. All you need to do is install it at strategic points in the compound. When its motion detectors detect any movement, the bark alarm will go off. Burglars will run away thinking an actual dog has spotted them.

What are some factors that you need to consider when buying electronic security gadgets.


Ensure the security gadget you purchase has high resolution. This will enable you to record the face of any intruder clearly and make it possible for you to run facial recognition. After all, of what use is a security camera if it will not show you who the thief is clearly? Go for the gadget with the best resolution.

Infrared vision

Majority of break-ins occur during the night. Choose security devices that have infrared vision that will record and detect any movement in the darkness. In fact, most homeowners fear intruders who come late into the night, not during the day. As such, get a security device that will keep watch in the dark as well as it does in the day.


Check the storage capacity of the security device before purchasing. The higher the storage capacity, the better. Note that the devices record hours of footage and will need constant updates in order to keep running efficiently.