Smart homes are all the rage lately, but these can sometimes mean different things to different people. Generally speaking, the agreed-upon definition is smart-homes is that they are homes that are heavily reliant on technology that can be managed from afar. All of this enables you to control a variety of features, such as lights, heating, electronics, and more. This can not only make your life better and more convenient, but ultimately save you a ton of money on your electrical, heating, and cooling costs.

If you are new to the smart home market, don’t worry, there are plenty of new ideas that can help you get your smart home up and running.


ecobee SmartThermostat Voice Control

Smart thermostats are among the most popular method of managing the climate in your home. These devices are digital and very sensitive to temperature. You can manage the from an app, meaning that you can control the temperature, even when you are out. This way, you can turn it down when you leave, and adjust it as you are coming back home. 

However, the smart part may be the most interesting. You set the device manually when you first get it, but over time, the device will begin to “learn” what sorts of temperatures you like and change on its own. If you are home is set up appropriately, you can also adjust the temperature so that it sets differently in different zones of the house, ensuring maximum comfort at minimum costs.

Ceiling Fans

Trifecté 56 Inch Smart Ceiling Fan

Yes, that’s right, even ceiling fans can be “smart.” A new breed of ceiling fans can automatically adjust its speed based on a variety of factors, including how many people it detects are in the room. Even more interestingly: These new devices can adjust their speed based on the information you give them. They can also turn on and off, depending on when it detects someone in the room. Again, this is great from an energy efficiency perspective, as it allows you to walk out of a room and not have to worry about a device turning on or off. 

Best of all, as these devices evolve, they also become more convenient. Many such fans are now available that are universal, meaning they can work with almost any model of light fixture. 


Primst Smart Refrigerator Coffee Table

Refrigerators are one of the more interesting devices that you can purchase that are now “smart.” Some of the new models are truly wild in terms of their capabilities. For example, some come with a large touch-screen. These devices enable someone to access the internet from their fridge, order groceries online, and send pictures of the inside of their fridge to a phone. Future models will likely have even more innovations, like the ability to automatically detect what food you have, what food you don’t, and then automatically integrate that information into your online grocery order or grocery list. 

Many of these fridges also come with apps that enable you to see what the inside of your fridge looks like, when you need to change your filter, when there is a power outage, and more. 


Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum with Precise Distance Sensor

We’ve all seen the smart cleaning devices these days. These are things like automatic vacuum cleaners that will clean your floors while you sit and relax. These devices can detect where there is dirt and grime, then react accordingly. They also have detectors that allow them to steer clear of obstructions in their path. These vacuums are also becoming more advanced. Now, versions are available that enable you to schedule them, steer them, and order them to do certain tasks. 

Astonishingly, more advances are coming out that make cleaning and maintenance even easier. This includes self-cleaning tile, which has properties and technology that allow it to clean itself. New advances also include new types of hardwood that can be set up in a way that automatically allows them to purify the air in your home. 

Door Locks

Security Electronic Smart Door Lock

Smart door locks are nothing new, but they are becoming more advanced. These locks have the ability to allow for entry and exit for anyone at any time, but you can always alter the code, enabling you to give someone one-time access, track who is entering your home, and change your passcode at any time. As such, these locks are great for security and safety.

Furthermore, you can also sync one of these locks to an app. This enables you to give someone a virtual code via an app, giving them temporary or permanent access to your home. 

Video Door Bells

Extaum Smart Video Door Phone HD 720P Wireless

Video doorbells like the Ring or Nest have been around for more than a few years, and many of their features have become commonplace in the realm of video doorbells. These devices will automatically record when someone rings your bell or moves near your door, giving you a great and constant view of wherever you set it up. They also integrate easily with other features, like automatic lights and other cameras that you set up around your property. All of these features are then available via an app, enabling you to have constant surveillance of your home. 

As noted throughout this article, these smart home ideas are not necessarily cheap. However, they can wind up saving you a ton of money in the long run, and that says nothing of the positive impact they can have on your life.