Technology has become an integral part of our lives. Today, we rely on our phones, tablets and laptops for a variety of different things, both personal and professional. With this necessity comes the need to constantly charge these devices.

Charging our devices can be a hassle. The long cords and need for an outlet nearby can cause frustration. Many people are forced to completely rearrange rooms to have an outlet. This, however, does not need to happen. There are many furniture options available that allow you to charge devices directly from the furniture piece itself. These pieces of furniture contain USB ports and outlets that improve your flexibility and help to make life a little easier for all of us.

1) End Tables

End tables are used in almost every room of the home. They are a small table that fits perfectly in the living room, at the entry way or next to a chair in a bedroom. Everyone wants to have their phones close by and these tables equipped with USB ports and outlets make that happen. Most of these tables have built in charging stations behind the table that allows you to quickly and easily charge your phone from the comfort of your own couch.

2) Lamps

There are several lamps on the market today that features a built in wireless charger that can charge an assortment of devices. These lamps can be plugged in like a traditional lamp, but they also feature a wireless charging station. You can easily place your phone under the lamp on the specific square and the phone will charge. Not only does it feature this amazing thing, but it also works very quickly to give you ultimate power when you need it.

3) Laptop Stand

If you ever used a laptop stand in your bed, on your couch, or anywhere else around your home, you know how nice it is to have. It gives you a simple and level area to do your work. There are a few of these stands that now feature wireless charging stations. You can charge your phone directly on the stand and avoid having to use any wires and cords. This can save you time and help you work more efficiently.

4) Cocktail Tables

Another common furniture piece found in modern homes today, is the cocktail table. These are small and simple tables that you can place anywhere around your home. While they are specifically designed to hold drinks and other small objects, many of the newest models are now equipped with wireless charging stations for your everyday devices. This allows you to charge your phone or other technological device anywhere in your home.

5) Entertainment Stands

There are a few entertainment stands today that feature wireless device chargers and outlets readily available on the stand itself. This helps prevent the need for cords and wires to charge your devices. It allows you to place the stand almost anywhere in the room that you may want to have it.