Cleaning the house can be a tedious activity. With a busy schedule, it is easy to find the cleanup process of your home too demanding. Without regular cleanup, however, the house might soon be full of dust, pet hairs, and other types of dirt.

Thanks to technology, you can clean up your home without lifting a finger. Robot vacuums can help you out with this issue. All you have to do is turn the robot on and relax as it eliminates all the dirt from your apartment.

Before you run off to buy this incredible device, however, there are few factors to consider. They include:

The floor type

What kind of floor does your apartment have? Is it hardwood or carpet? This consideration is important because different vacuums might only be suitable for different floors. Moreover, the vacuums do not perform the same way. Some are excellent at sucking dirt and pet hair from carpets while others perform better on hardwood or vinyl.

The price

Buying a robot vacuum requires you to find one that falls within your budget. More importantly, find one that is worth the money you spend on it.

Do they have app control?

Some vacuum brands come with customized apps that control them. This means that you do not have to get up at all to clean your house. You can turn on the vacuum and control it with the app from the comfort of your couch or bed.

Battery life

The size of your home will determine the battery size of the robot vacuum. If you have a large home, pick one with a long battery life.

There are several robot vacuum brands that you can pick from when purchasing these smart cleaners. Some of the best brands include:


These robot vacuums are the best in avoiding obstacles during cleaning. They have a powerful cleaning system and their suction power is mighty.

They use the Alexa voice command tool and an app that controls their functions. This allows you to relax or work on other things as the robot gets rid of all the dirt from your home.

Ecovacs cleaner robots have a long battery life, implying that it will give you a lengthy service. They also have in-built cameras that will enable you to control them remotely.

The downside of these robots is that they have Finicky Wi-Fi setup and may experience minor navigation issues because of their moderate learning curve.


The iRobot vacuum robots are incredible in providing deep hands off cleaning. They connect with your home Wi-Fi easily to allow you to control them using the app. They are also compatible with Alexa and Google assistant voice commands.

The great thing with an iRobot vacuum is that you can schedule it to clean the house at a specific time. When it is time, it will do so on its own even if you are not around the house.

These robots adjust automatically to the different floor surfaces. If your home has a carpet in the living room while the rest of the floors are bare, the robot will easily adjust when it starts cleaning the carpeted floor of the house.

The robots will also detect and focus on the areas that need more cleaning in order to deliver satisfactory cleaning.

Besides its self-emptying dustbin and its ultra-powerful suction, this kind of robot also has smart navigation and will avoid running into objects.

Their battery life, however, is not very satisfying because it is short. They are also loud when cleaning and likely to disturb your peace of mind. Additionally, an iRobot will not always return to its base station after cleaning.

Similarities between Ecovacs and iRobot vacuum robots.

  • They both allow app control
  • They use Alexa voice commands as well as Google assistant- This will save you time and energy.

Differences between Ecovacs and iRobot

  • The Ecovacs brand has a built in camera that allows the robot to detect and avoid obstacles. Although the iRobot has smart navigation, it does not have an inbuilt camera. As such, it might not be as effective as Ecovacs at avoiding obstacles.
  • The iRobot’s design allows it to adjust to different floor surfaces automatically. Ecovacs has no such design and may not perform well on certain floors.
  • Unlike iRobot models, Ecovacs does not make a loud noise when cleaning. The iRobot models produce loud noise when cleaning that might distract you.