Smart TVs are a fantastic new addition to most homes. These are TVs that allow you to connect to the internet, run streaming services, and may integrate with other smart devices in your home. There are quite a few of these TVs on the market today, and finding the right one can be a challenge. As such, here’s a look at the best smart TV brands.


LG has been in the home electronics business for ages and offers a wide array of smart TVs that go from affordable to high end. TVs in the LG OLEDCXP series are among the most expensive on the market today but have been praised by some reviewers as the best TVs that you can buy. They offer a huge amount of features and the clearest and most colorful picture available, although they will cost you upwards of $2,200. However, LG also offers a huge choice when it comes to other televisions. Their website brags that their televisions have less lag, thus making them ideal for gaming. They also have incredibly sharp pictures and a slim design that makes them easy to mount or move around the house.


Sony, of course, has been one of the world’s leading company’s when it comes to electronic connectivity, and this absolutely applies to the smart TV market. For example, it’s XBR-X900H series has been praised as being one of the best televisions when it comes to its internet connectivity, offering users the chance to not only connect to the internet but easily play online games when using video game systems. Sony smart TVs have also been favorably reviewed by countless reviewers, and these televisions are typically available anywhere.


Samsung has also been involved in consumer electronics for decades and is probably best known for its popular mobile devices. Of course, the company offers so much more than just a good phone. A quick look at its website reveals dozens of smart television models that can satisfy the needs of any budget or quality level. Furthermore, Samsung’s ample experience in this area helps to ensure that their televisions easily integrate with phones. 

It goes without saying that different people will have different needs when it comes to what sort of television you want or need. However, the three brands above are great starting points and among the best and most reliable names in the smart television business. If you are looking for solid brands, high quality or affordable prices, they are a great place to start.