Smartwatches are like a small phone or computer that you wear on your wrist. They do so much more than just telling time and there are so many options available. With that being the case, it’s understandable that someone might get frustrated or aggravated when trying to find the perfect product. To help make the buying process easier, we’ve put together a few things you should look for when making a purchase.

Electronic Compatibility

One of the very first things you should look for is the electronic capability of the smartwatch. If you get something that won’t work with your operating system, you pretty much have a useless product. If you aren’t sure what operating system you have, go into the settings tab of your electronic and look for the information. Once you know that, you can find a smartwatch that works with it. The great thing is that this information should be right on the box or product detail area.

Display Type

You’ll also want to consider the display type. Some smartwatches have an LCD or LED screen, while others have an OLED screen. If you want the clearest and best picture available, you’ll want to get an OLED. This is more expensive and it’s important to know that you’ll have a clear picture with an LCD or LED screen as well. Like the operating system, this information should be printed somewhere on the box or product description.

Screen Type

The next thing you should consider is the screen type. Some smartwatches will be 100% touch screen, while others won’t be touch screen at all. There are also some products that are a combination of both. You’ll want to consider your needs or wants before making a final decision about the screen type. While touch screens are a lot more convenient and easier to use, there’s a chance that they’ll unlock while in your pocket or bag.

Strap Type

Depending on things like where you work or regular activities you do, you might need a specific kind of band. The most common types are metal and rubber that can be changed out. If you won’t be doing a lot of vigorous activity that involves you getting wet, then you go do well with a metal band. On the other hand, a rubber band can be more comfortable and last for a long time. Add to the fact that you can change the band to different colors or designs and you’ll see why so many people choose this route.


While it might not be a big deal to most, it’s still important to consider what size you want. Not only do you want to consider the screen size, but you’ll also want to consider the size of the band. Something more bulky or large can cause issues in several different situations, while the smaller ones are great for almost everyone. You’ll also want to consider the size of your arm compared to the size of the screen. A larger wrist would benefit from a larger screen and a smaller list would benefit from a smaller one.

Battery Life/Charging Type

Not only do you want to consider how long the battery lasts, but you’ll also want to consider how the smartwatch charges. The watches with a color screen will usually last around 1-2 days and the ones that have voice capabilities will have much shorter battery life. As for charging, most will have a specific charge that will need to be used, but some can be charged by a USB or regular smartphone charger. Regardless of which charging method the smartwatch has, the product should come with a brand new charger.

Additional Features

The next consideration is what additional features the smartwatch has. Some won’t have any, while others will be able to do things like call, text, track your heart rate or pulse, and let you access your social media. If the smartwatch you’re considering has any unique features, they should be listed on the box or product description. If there’s a feature you absolutely want or need, make sure you’re looking for it when considering products.


This final consideration won’t apply to everyone, but the majority of people will be on a budget. Since that’s the case, you want to get as much bang for your buck as you can. Once you know how much you can spend, don’t look at anything over that amount. Out of the products in your budget, find the one that has the best features and offers.

After reading these tips, the buying process should be a little bit easier and less stressful. Even if you don’t use them to make your final decision, you’ll know what kind of features you can expect to find and have an easier time figuring out which ones you definitely want. Make sure you read all of the information on any products you’re considering and check out product reviews if possible.